Saturday, June 21, 2008

William's Quilt

When I started this blog I called myself a quilter, but I notice that of all the pictures I have shown on here, there is not one quilt! I am going to show you one today. I wish I had better pictures. This quilt is the first one I made. I see that it was 20 years ago that I made it. Gosh! It doesn’t seem like that long ago. Time does fly! I look at this quilt now and I wonder what I was thinking when I made that big of a sashing and how much better it would have looked with some corner stones, and why didn’t I…….so on and so forth.. I made this one with cardboard templates, cut everything out with scissors, pieced the blocks on a cheap old machine, and got all my directions from books from the library. I hand quilted it one block at a time using the first Georgia Bonesteel book, also from the library. It is amazing to me to think of how my life has changed since the internet became a part of my life. I will save the rest of that thought for a future post. Any hoo, I was really proud of this quilt when I made it, as was my husband. He is so proud of it that it is hardly ever used. It is folded nicely in a drawer, and I guess it will stay there till one of us croaks.


Myra said...

Ahhh you make me laugh Lilly! 8-)
You know what? We all grow and learn from our "first" quilts. I think you did a lovely job of it! Looks good to me! 8-)
Have a good weekend!
Happy stitchings!

MouseChirpy said...

Lilly, your quilt is absolutely beautiful. You know, if I were you I'd print out this post and keep it with your quilt. Eventually, when it is passed on to your children, they will know the history behind it. After reading your post, I believe that this is probably going to be their most cherished quilt no matter how fabulous any subsequent quilts are. Take care!