Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Finish........and an Award

I finished the needle holder made from the pattern by Lynette Anderson. It was one of the patterns from the Stitcher’s Angel project. I think it turned out pretty cute. I don’t have any scissors that would fit in it, so it will be going to my swap partner.
I have been choosing a favorite blogger each Friday for the last fourteen weeks, and now it is time to say goodbye to that idea. It was getting a bit boring to me and I don’t do boring. I am also too forgetful to do something that has to be done on a certain day each week. Yes, Myra, I forgot last Friday!!!
This morning I found that Isabella from I Just Love to Stitch has passed on an award to me. Thank you. I can’t choose just 5 bloggers to nominate so I choose all of the bloggers on my lists. Just take the image from here and put it on your blog if you wish, and pass it along to whomever you care to. It is a very pretty little image.


Kathy said...

I think the scissor holder is very pretty. Very victorian! You don't have to do a favorite blogger every Friday. Just put one on when you find one that you would like to pass on. I like it when you pass a good site on to me! Love U K

MYRA said...

I'm with Kathy on this. Just post when you come across a great blog...
Another lovely little finish by Lilly! Looks great! 8-)
I have seen this award on many blogs that have me in their list...maybe I should post on it? hmmmm?
Have a great weekend Lilly!
Happy stitchings! 8-)

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Lovely needle holder. I always like to see your stitching. So pretty.

Teresa said...

Very nice scissor holder and I know your swap partner will love it.