Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday's Favorite Blog #11..and More

Today is Friday once again and I think Bonnie at Calamity Jane’s Cottage is an excellent choice for this week’s favorite blogger. She is a very interesting person and has a very nice blog. Pretty pictures and some very creative projects she has made. She also has a shop with some of the nicest vintage items for sale. I see she is also in the Stitcher’s Angel swap group. Whoever is chosen to be her swap partner will be a very lucky person. Go on over and check out her blog. I don’t think you will be disappointed. Click here to go there.

The older I get the faster time seems to go. That is not fair. When you don’t have a lot of time left, it should go slower! I live a very calm but boring life, and you would think the time would drag, but no!!! It seems to speed up more everyday. This stinking computer is probably part of the reason this happens. I start reading blogs and it doesn’t seem like much time has gone by, but WHOA!!!!!, I have been reading for two hours. I don’t plan to change though, so I guess I will just have to shut up and deal with it.

I will close this post with the reason it has been a week since I have last posted. Last Saturday My son and his wife from Houston came for a visit. We had a great time and Eva, my daughter in law was so kind. She did all the cooking while she was here. She even cleaned out my microwave, which was in great need of it. My back is still preventing me from doing many things. Reaching over my head, where my microwave is above the stove, is one of them. Tim, my son, brought his new toy with him. It is the Wii gaming system. I am not sure I have the spelling correct on that. The grandkids had a great time with it. My son Dan and Tim had a few cut-throat games of tennis and golf. They are very competitive and both hate to lose. Playing with that game leads to lots of NOISE. The games themselves have audio comments. The players add to the NOISE with all of the comments they make while playing. For example… Dang, You cheated, I am just better than you, I let you win, You have had more practice, On a real golf course I would have made par, etc, etc. Fun, but NOISY. We had a houseful one evening. My daughter Amanda and her family, Dylan, Ashley and Kiley, were here. With Tim and Eva, Dan, myself and my husband, my little house seemed just a bit crowded, and NOISY. We had burgers from the grill and all the trimmings. We had a great time. I feel blessed to have such a loving family. Wish my other son, Chris and his family could have come. Tim and Eva left for home on Thursday. They called in the evening to tell us they had arrived safely. I worry so when my family is on the road. So it is back to just my husband and myself. I love visiting with my family, but I gotta tell ya, It wears me out. My life is boring, but I like it that way. Boring and QUIET. I know in a little bit I will be wishing they were back, but for now I am happy to be back to reading my blogs and doing just the normal QUIET things.


shereebaby said...

Hey Lilly, It's good to hear Tim came to visit. I'm glad you had a good time. Did you take pictures while they were here? It would be fun to see them play the Wii. That's a crazy game!My friends in KC have one & they do the dance game. I've heard it's a great way to exercise & lose weight.Not for YOU!!!They even have karate & ti-bo games.Anyway...IM HERE...on your do need to post photos. I love seeing the grandbabies, &kids.Bye for now, Sheree

Myra said...

Oh Lilly!!! I can Oh so relate to you!! Oh yes I can!!! 8-)
I like my peaceful, quiet, and boring life very much... I get all strung out, on edge, and plain worn out when everyone is here, noisy, and buzzing all over the place...
It is so nice to see them all here, but it is also nice to see them leave... 8-)
I love my family.... 8-)

Kieny The Dutchlady said...

We very often get what we want but we hardly ever get it when we want it.
Good to see you had a nice vist.

Kathy said...

Like Mom always said "when it rains, it pours". Jack Jr. is spending a few days with me before he starts school. Then it will be a long boring Winter. I may get a job this year! NQT!! K

Kathy said...

It is early, NOT is what I meant.

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Lilly, first I want to thank you for the blogger of the week, that so nice of you.
Second I can so relate with you, I need my quite time as my Mom would call it. I stayed with the grandkids while my daughter and her husband went out and boy I was worn out by the time I left. I know why God gives us our kids at an early age.
Time does fly when you are on the computer. I'm finding I have to pull myself off because I'm not getting everything done and I know the Holidays are coming up.
Hope you get back to feeling super great!!!
Keep Stitchen' and hugs,

Rhondi said...

Hi Lilly
I'm happy for you that your son and family came to vist. Our son lives in Houston too.
Thank you so much for your generous compliments on my decoarating. I would love to make a living at it! If I lived near by I'd come and help you do your house just for the fun of spending time with you.
Hope you have a great weekend.
Hugs, Rhondi

Jeanne said...

Sounds like wonderful family memories were made! Our family loves to play games and 'compete' with each other, too. Lots of fun and someone gets the bragging rights until the next time.

Shasta said...

I have the same problem. I hop on the computer for a minute just to get some quilting inspiration while I finish my coffee, and all of a sudden I have been on the computer for two hours and have no time to quilt! I enjoy it too, and don't plan to change things.