Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday's Favorite Blog #8

I can’t believe it is Friday already and time to pick a new blogger of the week. This week’s choice is Kieny from the Dutchlady blog. She lives in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. She has an interesting blog, with lots of pictures. I really enjoy the pictures of people and places in Taiwan. I love the quilt she is making called “magic moments”. It shows what a great quilt you can make with 2 different blocks. I may have to make one like it. She is involved in a siggie swap. She has siggies that have been sent to her from so many different countries, and she puts lots of pictures of them on her blog. I think you will like visiting her blog. Click here to go there.


Kathy said...

You are right, that is a great blog. I spent a lot of time looking at it. I think summer is here, hot! Bill went to see his mom this morning! I may get to sew a bit this morning.

Kathy said...

pray for me and I will pray for you and Buddy.