Monday, October 20, 2008

More Mail

2 days ago, I got another package in the mail from my Stitcher’s Angel. What a nice lot of goodies. There was a folding thread catcher, a too cute little pincushion for my finger, a pair of scissors on a ???, you know, the thingy you put around your neck, and some cookies and candies. The orange wrappers were toffee candy. My favorite!! Those were gone before I got a picture taken! Thank you once again my Angel. You are a very generous and talented person. Please excuse the lousy picture. I had my 15 year old grand daughter spend the night with me. She loves to take pictures with my camera. I told her she could use the camera if she didn’t change any settings. When I took this picture, the flash wouldn’t work. Do you suppose she changed a setting? I’m thinking she did. I can’t find the book that came with the camera, and can’t figure out how to get the flash back to working. She is going to get her you know what chewed out when she gets home from school today.


MYRA said...

What awesome gifts Lilly!!! That thread catcher looks very interesting! Cute little pincushion too! Is the large quilted background and foreground the "what-cha-ma-call-it" for around your neck? If it is, it sure looks cewl!!!

Kathy said...

Pretty fabric stuff and candy also, what more could a person need?? It is always fun to get things in the mail. I just love what you used as a background for your picture.

shereebaby said...

How cool to have cyber friends.They pull through in the crucial, huh? What a wonderful way to spread some joy.Lilly you deserve it.Love you, Sheree